CreativityCorp provides comprehensive support, starting with online training via the Skills tutorial. The tutorial is relevant for prospective users seeking more information about Mobile Data Studio's capabilities, Trial users, and as reference information for all users.

Support continues with excellent after-sales service, through a variety of channels:

Email and Telephone

CreativityCorp replies promptly to email and telephone inquiries. Feel free to test our worldwide support response time by sending an email.

You can contact us at the following addresses:

Phone: (618) 0418102932
Current Local Time: 6:05 PM on Friday

You may also wish to check our questions and answers page to see if your question has already been answered.

Known issues with Mobile Data Studio

Android 9.0 on Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 disrupts Camera point operation

Screenshot Android 9 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 doesn’t accept Mobile Data Studio Camera point operating with the ‘Take Photo’ option, but does accept the ‘Chose from Library’ option. The ‘Take Photo’ option can be used with the ‘Open Camera’ app available in the Google Play Store at no cost. After ‘Open Camera’ is installed, it should be ‘Set as Default’.Please see Mobile Data Studio Skills Page 4 and Camera point..

Android 7.0 disrupts session transfer by TCP/IP wireless, fixed in Upgrade

Screenshot Important Upgrade : With the introduction of Mobile Data Studio 9.0, MobileData.apk Version 9.0.8 build 178 is the available download from this web site. Please see Mobile Data Studio Skills Page 7: Android: - Installation and Use.

Windows XP cannot run current Mobile Data Studio version 8.0 or 9.0

Windows XP can run Mobile Data Studio but not the latest Mobile Data Studio 8.0 or 9.0. Windows XP users can download Mobile Data Studio software but must have a Mobile Data Studio licence to operate beyond 30 days.

Project Design and Software Training Services


While you don't need to be a programmer to create your own projects or applications, some people prefer to have assistance. Send your starting material to CreativityCorp by email, at and we will provide an IN CONFIDENCE no obligation quotation to prepare your project for Mobile Data Studio.


CreativityCorp has expertise in training for use of mobile solutions. Please see our online SkillsCloud training service. We provide customised online Skills programs worldwide, based on clients projects, with assessment and certification. Contact CreativityCorp for information on customised Skills programs for your mobile requirements.

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