Mobile Data Studio is proven software with clients in over 50 countries. There is a mobile computing revolution underway worldwide, but a shortage of business software. Mobile Data Studio solves that problem. CreativityCorp is partnering with reliable marketing partners and applications developers to make Mobile Data Studio available worldwide.

If your company wishes to Partner in the rewarding marketing of Mobile Data Studio, please contact CreativityCorp to open discussions.


FieldFix located in New Zealand, providers of FieldFix for mobile workforce based on Mobile Data Studio. Support fully hosted and stand-alone Mobile Data Studio services.

Start Software

Start Software are located in the United Kingdom, developing and integrating mobile applications for asbestos surveys, work and public safety, schools and general industry. Mobile Data Studio can be supplied bundled with smartphones.

Juniper Systems

Juniper Systems, located in the US provide rugged handheld computers and peripheral interfaces, including sub-metre GPS solutions. Devices in Android, Windows 10 and Windows Mobile operating systems, bundled with Mobile Data Studio and customised solutions.

Personal Computer Data Services and Asolvi

Personal Computer Data Services located in the UK are experienced specialists in mobile computing support for security and fire alarm installers and maintenance engineers. This business is now within Asolvi, a European leader in field service management solutions.

ICF International

ICF International, located throughout the US specialise in market and demographic research. Surveys using the conditional Logic and GPS functions in Mobile Data Studio are being conducted in many countries.

Webfrog Consultants

Webfrog Consultants, located in the US, interfacing Mobile Data Studio to web data solutions for data collection, mobile messaging, monitoring and evaluation. Specialise in public health, food security, nutrition, education and social programs; including in developing countries through USAID programs.


Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technologies, located in Australia provide customised solutions in Mobile Data Studio, including database integration and reports, mobile hardware and accessories.

Platypus Software

Platypus Software

Platypus Software in Australia integrate Mobile Data Studio with their proven EZeService job management and billing software, with customers in 60 industries in 10 countries. EZeService Mobile could do the job for your business.

WorkSafe International

WorkSafe International located in Australia specialise in mobile computing and online training. Providing projects in Mobile Data Studio for efficient safety induction.


CTEH, located in the US provide services in toxicology, risk assessment, industrial hygiene, occupational health and response to emergencies. Expertise in wireless mobile deployments integrated with database web server.

Safety Services Direct

Safety Services Direct, servicing the UK and Europe. Develop and supply projects integrated with database support, eg for Asbestos Audits and Construction Safety.

Compliance Studio

Compliance Studio, located in the United Kingdom and Dubai, specialise in mobile solutions for achieving compliance standards with water supplies, buildings and property management. Mobile Data Studio integrated with databases and web interfaces.


Sentinel's wireless expertise is integrating Mobile Data Studio with remote monitoring solutions for industrial, environmental and transportation industry applications. Including integration with Seveno environmental data management software.

Xpedite Professional Services

Xpedite Professional Services, located in Melbourne, Australia are providing mobile computing extensions to a suite of proven community services systems for Local Government.

Momentum Software Solutions

Momentum Software Solutions are located in Australia, developing customised projects in Mobile Data Studio to integrate with the popular MYOB accounting and business management software. Expertise for all types and scale of business with requirements for fully digital processes.

RQ Net

RQ Net, located in Malaysia with extensive experience in web based client server systems interfaced with enterprise databases. Mobile Data Studio provides a mobile extension to the 'WIZ' range of RQ Net products.

ecom instruments UK

ecom instruments UK provide intrinsically safe mobile devices for use in the petrochemical and petroleum industries, and other explosive environments; along with software solutions for asset tracking, maintenance and process control.

Environmental Systems Solutions

Environmental Systems Solutions in Australia integrates Mobile Data Studio with customised databases for management of cultural and environmental information. Mobile Data solutions deployed to rangers and traditional owners of lands with projects utilising GPS and image capture.

4 Safety

4 Safety, located in Michigan USA, is a leading provider of safety solutions and training for the Construction industry. Information and products in Spanish are an important dimension for the Spanish users of Mobile Data Studio.

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems located in New York State provide information systems to business and government, with extensive experience in wireless networking.

KVP Business Solutions

KVP Business Solutions located in India offers expert consulting services in the areas of outsourcing, human resources, market and sales development, and business optimization and automation while also providing implementation support at each stage of strategy execution.

Gladstone Engineering Alliance

The Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) in Queensland represents a group of engineering designers, manufacturers, fabricators, constructors, educators, researchersand suppliers in the Gladstone region.The GEA provides ITC support to its members and allied organisations.


WorkSafe International specialise in mobile computing and online training for Work Safety and Health. Including Projects for:

Occupational Therapist , in conjunction with WorkSafe International,  specialises in mobile computing and online training for Occupational Therapy. Supplying Projects for: