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Our software enables data collection and management on Android, Apple, Windows 10 and Windows Mobile Smartphones, Tablets and Pocket PCs in business and government in over 50 countries.  CreativityCorp also provides an online training environment to support mobile solutions and enable other enterprise training requirements.

Mobile Data Studio

Mobile Data Studio is an integrated mobile project design studio, wireless client and server, and data management system. For Android, Apple, Windows 10 and Windows Mobile devices. Mobile Data Studio operates off-line and on-line, and is provided by a perpetual licence, not costly subscription.


SkillsCloud is a cloud computing based online training environment, to support deployment of mobile data projects, and as a cost-effective enterprise training solution.

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Community Service - Free Software for Coronavirus Pandemic


Mobile Data Studio (MDS) can assist delivery of major public health programs in emergencies, eg after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 that killed 200,000 people. MDS is used in many public health and food aid programs in developing countries, eg HIV control in Africa, maternal health surveys in Pakistan, resurgence of Polio. For the Coronavirus pandemic, if service providers and researchers need a proven rapid application development software, MDS is available for use at no cost. Simply email and we will assist with software supply at no cost.

News on Upgrades to Mobile Data Studio

 Mobile Data Studio version 9.0, adds Mobile Data Client for Windows 10 Tablets


Community Service Project - Bushfire Ready Map

Display Bushfire Hazard and Risk Mobile Data on Google Earth

The Bushfire Ready Map project is available for Apple and for Android devices in Example projects provided with Mobile Data Studio. Enter bushfire or wildfire hazard and risk assessment data along with latitude and longitude captured by the GPS point to generate a KML file which can be opened in Google Earth. Demonstration data shown below displayed in Google Earth, to assist decision to either 'Stay' or 'Go' with advancing bush fire.