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About CreativityCorp Pty Ltd

CreativityCorp is an Australian company established in 1998. CreativityCorp has a global outlook, with mobile computing software clients in over 50 countries and Partners worldwide.

Our Mission

CreativityCorp's initial mission was to promote the value of originality of thought and expression. Indeed this remains our high level mission; however, the personification of this is providing software to enable creative development of solutions to collect and manage data for the Smartphone and Tablet revolution. The convergence of mobile data management with mobile communication systems is a powerful stimulus for creativity.

Our Operation

CreativityCorp's flagship software is Mobile Data Studio, for mobile data solutions on Android and Apple devices and Windows Tablets. CreativityCorp focuses on ensuring Mobile Data Studio and its users are at the leading edge of mobile computing by providing world class software and support. We sell software direct online and through a wide network of Partners, most of whom address niche mobile computing markets.


Neil Bartholomaeus Managing Director of CreativityCorp.

Previously an executive in the Government of Western Australia for eleven years - Director General of the Ministry of Cabinet and Public Sector Management, Chief Executive Officer of WorkSafe Western Australia, and Coordinator of Productivity Policy.

Contact Us

Mailing Address: CreativityCorp Pty Ltd
8 Lakeway Retreat
Western Australia 6211
Phone: +61 7 3040 6488
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Mobile Data Studio version 10.4.6 issued October 2022

Take advantage of new features in Mobile Data Studio with free upgrade to version 10.4 for licence holders at Customer Login. Unique Mobile Data Studio Cloud Relay to support the versatile array of Android, Apple and Windows 10 tablet clients. See some features of upgrade , and review the Mobile Data Studio Skills tutorial for detail.