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Page 10: MDS Cloud Relay

Introduced with Mobile Data Studio version 10.0 of August 2021

Mobile Data Studio version 10 is a major upgrade introducing MDS Cloud Relay as an easy way to set up and run secure wireless communication between MDS server and mobile client devices. 

Reasons for MDS Cloud Relay

CreativityCorp has twenty years’ experience with provision of solutions for data collection on mobile platforms. In 2021 we acknowledge there are two categories of potential MDS customers reluctant to ‘mobilise’, being:
• large corporations and government agencies concerned about mobile devices communicating through their firewall, especially with ‘Bring Your Own’ devices, and
• small businesses challenged by complex networks to manage communication with mobile devices.
‘MDS Cloud Relay’ has been introduced to assist these customers.

Using Cloud Relay, there is no need to adjust port forwarding or firewall rules to allow incoming connections to MDS Server, or to keep track of changing IP addresses. Both MDS Server and mobile devices can connect securely to CreativityCorp's MDS Cloud Relay service. Customer data is end-to-end encrypted as it has always been, protected with the existing Mobile Device Password, which is not provided to CreativityCorp.

COST of MDS Cloud Relay:The convenience of MDS Cloud Relay is provided at AUD50 a year for two relays for multiple mobile devices for a customer licensed to use Mobile Data Studio. Irrespective of a customer being licensed for 5, 50 or 500 mobile device clients, the AUD50 annual cost of MDS Cloud Relay remains the same.

Create a MDS Cloud Relay

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