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Mobile Data Studio is an integrated system for managing mobile computing, including designing projects, running them in the field, communicating wirelessly, collecting and using the data. This Skills tutorial describes what Mobile Data Studio can do, and how to use it to develop and run powerful business applications without the need for programming.

Mobile Data Studio has two broad operational areas - 'server', being a Windows desktop or laptop PC, or Windows server, and 'client' mobile devices, being  Android, Apple iOS and Windows 10 operating system devices.

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Mobile Data Studio - a development and applications system combined!

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Software for mobile devices is usually developed in complex C++, Java, Xcode and Visual Basic coding languages. Generally, applications developed in these languages by skilled programmers must either be fairly general in their scope to cater for diversity of client requirements, or specifically customised at considerable cost.

Mobile Data Studio uses a creative approach to overcome limitations of coded applications developed by programmers:
  • design of applications (called 'Projects') doesn't require programming skills
  • applications can either be modified by others using Mobile Data Studio, or 'locked'
  • applications are specifically designed for Smartphones and Tablets
  • application specificity, flexibility and low cost development are a unique 'trifecta' provided by Mobile Data Studio

For Smartphones and Tablets and Pocket PCs to achieve their potential in business and industry, a versatile development and applications medium was needed, Mobile Data Studio fills that need. The Mobile Data Studio system deployment  is simple and effective:

Smartphones and Tablets - Android, Apple, and Windows 10

Android is an operating system specifically for mobile devices and has been deployed to Smartphones, Tablets and Netbooks. The Android operating system has achieved remarkable growth and market dominance because of it's open nature and adoption by many manufacturers of mobile devices. For information on Mobile Data for Android Smartphones, Tablets and Netbooks, see page 7 of the Skills tutorial.

Apple iOS is the operating system for the popular Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple led a renewed interest in the larger screen Tablet PC with the iPad. CreativityCorp has developed a Mobile Data for Apple iOS client which is available from the Apple 'App Store'. For information on Mobile Data for Apple iOS installed on iPhone, iPad and iPod, see page 8 of the Skills tutorial.

Windows 10 is an operating system for mobile Tablets. The Mobile Data Client for Windows 10 is pitched towards the growth of Windows 10 based ‘detachable and convertable' notebook PCs and tablets. This reflects a trend towards ‘two-in-one’ devices replacing laptop PCs in the office and then the keyboard being removed to take a tablet to the field. Ruggedised industrial tablets also use Windows 10 in enterprise and government deployments where Windows may be preferred. The Mobile Data Client runs on tablets with Intel processors, not Qualcomm processors. See page 9 of the Skills tutorial

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